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Voir: (v) "to see", or [fig.] "to witness", "to experience" or “to understand”

Voir Digital is a video production company based in Auckland, New Zealand, realised by freelance director and producer Rachael Patching.

Voir specialises in creating quality visual storytelling through moving image. Committed to crafting outstanding stories for our clients, providing high cinematic production value at an affordable price. 

Stories about people, for people

Voir specialises in human-led stories that engage and build your audience. Whether you are building a stronger online presence or bringing an important  message to the world stage, Voir has the experience and skills to deliver on all areas of your project from planning, directing and filming on location to professional editing and post-production.

Voir has crafted a broad range of stories that serve a variety of needs. From ice curling enthusiast in Naseby, Otago to dynamite fishing in Papua New Guinea. The common thread that runs through the diversity of these projects is our ability to bring the clients’ message to life whilst remaining authentic and compassionate to the people whose stories we tell.

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Delivering engaging film and media projects to challenging deadlines and within budget.

Voir’s approach to filming is strongly results-oriented. A clear strategy and strict workflows are established to keep projects on target and delivering to your brief. Our high attention to detail and accuracy and the ability to adapt easily to challenging or unpredictable environments has earned us contracts producing quality content for notable brands including: 

OXFAM, Redbull, Sony, BMW, the World Bank Group, Animal Planet, BBC Knowledge and Greenpeace.

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    Rachael Patching

    Freelance producer and director

    Rachael Patching has been filming professionally since the age of 19. A multi-award-winning Director and Producer, Rachael has forged a name in New Zealand  for being creative and innovative in visual storytelling across both commercial and non-commercial productions. 

    In 2010 Rachael launched her own business as a freelance editor and camera operator from her base in Auckland, New Zealand, under the name, Preditor Films.

     With close to fifteen years experience in the industry  she has made content for BBC Knowledge, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, France5, Greenpeace, OXFAM, Redbull, TV3 News, Maori television, TVNZ and The World Bank. In the last two and a half years she has earned twenty-five producer/directors credits for broadcast television, alongside a host of successful digital campaigns and camera and editing roles. Her background as a camera operator and editor lend themselves to innovative visual story telling and talent for creating engaging and inspirational content. 

    Rachael holds a postgrad in Science Communication and Natural History Filmmaking through Otago University and in collaboration with NHNZ. She is passionate about communicating science, telling human lead stories and working in the humanitarian and development sector. She is particularly motivated to use media in  promoting gender equality.


    The creation of Voir Digital

    After a three-year contract with Attitude Television, Rachael has rekindled her freelance career, rebranding in early 2018 as Voir Digital.

    The focus of Voir Digital is strategic content development and delivering film and media projects that connect with audiences and tell stories well.

    Notable projects for Rachael Patching

    View more of Rachael work here, or get in touch to discus how we can help tell your story.


    Awards received by Rachael Patching:

    • Recipient of the Women to Watch award 2014: for outstanding achievements.  
    • BBC Knowledge young producer 2013: The Dirt Doctor.
    • Best Emerging Talent 2012 Reel Earth film festival: Gone Curling...
    • Best New Zealand Short Film 2012 Documentary edge film festival: Gone Curling...
    • Panda Award nomination 2012 Wild Screen film festival: Gone Curling...
    • Best documentary film nomination 2012 Aesthetica film festival: Gone Curling...
    • Special mention 2012 BANFF film festival: Gone Curling...

    Pic taken by Max Bellamy in Honiara Market, Solomon Islands with Nina Tuhaika, coordinator of the Solomon Islands Women in Business Association.  SIWIBA.

    SIWIBA was set up purposely to help women in business and to develop gender equality in the Solomon Islands.