Shooting the World Bank 'Powerless' series in the Solomon Islands

'Powerless' series

I remember sailing past the Solomon Islands during another filming expedition in Papua New Guinea years ago. It gave me the impression of intrepid mystery, but intense. I promised myself i'd get back there sometime to have an explore and earlier this year I got the chance.

It wasn't the sort of intensity I imagined but by no means did I scratch the surface of its many mysteries. I would describe it as having a'frontier' thing going on. I guess that is why we were there.

During the intensive two week shoot and months of preproduction developing the stories we had the absolute pleasure of working with The World Banks's Pacific Communications Leader, Tom Perry and his Solomon Island team.  RP

"Due to its size, location and geography, the Solomon Islands has some of the highest electricity costs, per capita, in the world.

In an effort to build momentum behind the need for stronger investment in renewable energy projects, including the ambitious Tina River Hydropower Project, we were commissioned to develop and create a video series looking at Solomon Islands' near-total reliance on diesel fuel for electricity.

The Powerless series focused on the impact of high electricity costs on Solomon Islands citizens, businesses and key services.  

In the first of these stories we meet Melody & James, who live in a small community on the outskirts of the capital, Honiara."

Tom Perry




Produced and directed by Rachael Patching

Shot by  Max Bellamy and Rachael Patching

Edited by Simon Ogston and Rachael Patching

Melody WS_MAX8355.jpg