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Voir specialises in NGO Storytelling and International story consulting.

We are experienced at  producing compelling non-fiction content for NGOs and organisations involved in humanitarian and economic development projects.

We provide international consultancy, field content gathering and post-production services for branded video content and Television or Web campaigns, all crafted to tell compelling stories that drive audience action and engagement.

We are highly skilled in working sensitively and effectively in developing countries and managing complex international shoots.

So far we have worked in The Solomon Islands, Vanuatu ,Fiji, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu as well as Hawaii, France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Italy, England, Germany, America, Australia and beautiful New Zealand.

So if you want a production company that can co-ordinate production across  multiple countries, look no further. We can shoot in the pacific, edit in NZ, liaise with Australia and report to Washington all in the same week! 

Check out some of the recent work we've done and see how we can capture your message and share it with the world.